Smoked Adriatic Sea Salt
Smoked Adriatic Sea Salt
Solana Nin

Smoked Adriatic Sea Salt

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Dimljena Morska Sol, or Smoked Sea Salt, dates back to at least the 8th or 9th century, when the Vikings evaporated salt above an open fire. Every winter, Solana Nin produces its Smoked Sea Salt in cooperation with a nearby Dalmatian prosciutto producer on the slopes of Mt. Promina.

Solana Nin is situated on the ancient Roman salt pans adjacent to the Croatian royal town of Nin. In the vicinity of five Croatian National Parks, the famous healing muds of Nin Bay, and surrounded by incredible natural biodiversity, the salts produced here are some of the most nutritious, mineral-rich salts in the world.

The salts contain no additives, created only by the Adriatic Sea, natural sunlight, and bura winds from the Velebit Mountains. In the autumn, the salt is hand-harvested using traditional methods. Solana Nin is the only saltworks on the Adriatic to have achieved the “BIO” organic certification through the European Union and Croatian Ministry. Solana Nin is our own family favorite.

Packaged in a sealed glass jar containing 100 grams of Smoked Sea Salt.

Product of Nin.

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